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NOVEMBER: Dr. Bass preseneted "Shelter from every Storm" - High Quality Counseling Services.

  • Participants rating 100%

    • Extremely/Very likely to attend another Dr. Zenobia Bass Selfcare workship and recommend to a family/friend/colleague.

  • A few individual comments:

    • "Very personable presentation​."

    • "Helps me to look deeper into why I'm saying yes."

    • "Its okay to grieve and I feel hopeful."

    • "Mindfulness mediation gave me an 'AwAw moment'."

    • "I learned to let go."

    • "I really enjoyed the presentation."

    • "I recognize I am surviving, when I should be thriving."


SEPTEMBER: Dr. Bass presented "Weathering the Storm" - State of Georgia: Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice

  • Respondants rating 100%

    • Extremely/Very likely to attend another Dr. Zenobia Bass Selfcare workship and recommend to a family/friend/colleague.

    • Dr. Bass knowledge of Selfcare material as Excellent​

    • Very High to High Quality presentation

    • More knowledgeable about Selfcare after attending this event

    • Very satisfied/satisfied with Selfcare workshop

  • A few individual comments:

    • "Thanks for a great presentation."​

    • "Thank you for opening the session with meditation."

    • "This was just what I needed."

    • "Great presentation."

    • "Dr. Bass really knows how to speak to the heart of a person."

    • "Great presentation!"

JULY: Boys & Girls Clubs of America: Foundation/Individual Team Retreat: Selfcare: Mindfulness Meditation Hyatt Centric Southpark, Charlotte, NC

On a scale of 1-5, 100% rated 4-5 for

  • Presentation

  • Speaker

  • Helpfulness of the Session

  • Overall Experience

A few individual comments:

  • "Thanks for starting the session with meditation."

  • "As a fundraiser, thanks for the reminder to take care of self."

  • "I will make Selfcare a priority."

  • "I will recommend this workshop to tech friends."

  • "Great presentation."

MARCH: True Identity House of Refuge: Let go of the Shame We Carry

Date: March 4, Location: Dekalb County Public Libary, Decatur, GA

Date: March 18, Location: High Quality Counseling Services, Snellville, GA

  • Respondants rating 100%

    • More knowledgeable about how to overcome Shame after attending this event

    • The quality of the presentation was very high

  • Individual comments

    • "I feel I'm now able to address my shame."​

    • "Dr. Bass reassured me I am good enough."

    • "Dr. Bass I need your business card to make an appointment."

    • "Hard topic delivered with care."

    • "A topic very much needed to discuss."





September 2022 Dr. Bass "Selfcare In Times of Extreme Stress" - 15th Annual Georgia School of Addiction Studies, Savannah, GA

Respondents overall comments:

  • The subject matter was relevet to my professional/personal life

  • Would recommend this workship to others

  • Before workshop I had some knowledge/after workshop I had great knowledge

  • Dr. Bass

    • was well prepared for the workshop

    • was positive and responsive to audience paticipation and inquiry

    • helped participants relate course content to substance abuse treatment/prevention/recovery

A few individual comments:

  • "Amen. Dr. Bass is a great presenter and very engaged."

  • "Great information to help lower stress and improve self-care."

  • "A wealth of knowledge to help myself. It starts today."

  • "Excellent, thought-provoking workshop! I will be implementing change to restore/find my peace!!"

  • "This information was truly valuable to me improving my selfcare not feeling guilty about it."

  • "Great energy atmosphere and instruction/instructor."

  • This was my favorite workshop. Dr. Bass was not just very well prepared but also was energetic, excited and very engaged. I was able to have alot of information and also got me the opportunity to think about personal situation. I'm glad I selected it (this workshop)."

  • "Dr. Bass was exceptional."

  • "Thanks to Dr. Bass for additional information on self care."


August 2022 Dr. Bass "Your Body is Keeping Score" High Quality Counseling Services, Snellville, GA

Respondants rating 100%

  • Extremely/Very likely to attend another Dr. Zenobia Bass Selfcare workship and recommend to a friend or colleague.

  • Dr. Bass knowledge of Selfcare material as Excellent​

  • Very High to High quality presentation

  • More knowledgeable about Selfcare after attending this event

  • Very satisfied/satisfied with Selfcare workshop

A few individual comments:

  • "I've attended your other Selfcare workshops and this one ranks as high as the others."

  • "Great presentation and I'm glad I was invited by friend."

  • "As a mother, sister and teacher I needed to learn how to care for me."

  • "This workshop helps me understand the seven areas of selfcare."

July 2022 Dr. Bass "Selfcare - Mental Health: Learning to Love Yourself" Crossroads Presbyterian Church - Women's Sunday School

  • Extremely/Very likely to recommend Dr. Bass Selfcare to a friend or colleague.

  • Dr. Bass knowledge of Selfcare material as Excellent/Very good​

  • Very High to High quality presentation

  • More knowledgeable about Selfcare after attending this event

  • Very Likely to attend another Dr. Bass Selfcare presentation.










September: Dr. Zenobia Bass presented Selfcare at the 14th Annual Georgia School of Addiction Studies in Savannah, GA.


​​This is what attendees had to say collectively...

100% Agree and 97% Strongly Agree: Selfcare is relevant to my professional or personal life. I would recommend this workshop to others.


A few statements from individual attendees... 

Very therapeutic.”


“Strongly recommend and learned a lot.”​


“I would strongly recommend this workshop to others.”


“This presentation was interactive, relevant, and thought provoking. It solidified the importance of a helping professional taking care of self and making that a priority! Very good presentation!”


“Dr. Bass was simply great! I walked in to her wonderful meditation and music after rushing around checking out of the hotel. Very important message on selfcare in a time when we rarely stop to smell the flowers and life is what happens to us “when we’re busy making other plans.””


“Excellent presentation and activities! This was the best way to end the conference!”




August 2020 True Identity House of Refuge Tea (ZOOM) - Guest Speaker, Dr. Zenobia Bass


The information was very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing it with the community and the women who truly need to understand how to care for themselves. Positive vibes and blessing to you.

Great job touching on a topic that is truly needed

Very rarely do I speak, however Mrs. Z keep doing what you do, we need you. To God be the Glory. Thank you

I thought the presentation was very helpful and timely. Thank you.

100% of attendees rate Dr. Zenobia Bass's knowledge of the Selfcare as excellent

100% of attendees are more knowledgeable about Selfcare after attending TIHR Tea

June 2020 Inaugural Virtual Selfcare Compassionate and Courageous Forum

Participants Survey Responses

 100% Very Satisfied with the 2020 Selfcare Forum

 100% More knowledgeable about Selfcare after attending this Forum

100% Excellent rate - Dr. Z's knowledge of material

95% Extremely well - Selfcare Forum Topic met participants' needs

95% Extremely valuable - Words used to describe 2020 Selfcare Forum

95% Very high quality - Presentation

90% Extremely well - Open dialogue environment helped/motivate the learning

90% Extremely likely - To attend a similar Forum/Conference again in the future

"I benefited greatly from the forum. I now make conscious efforts to plan time for selfcare."

"Thank you for hosting the Inaugural Virtual Selfcare Compassionate and Courageous Forum. It was very informative and extremely necessary. I am so greatful for the selfcare techniques, reliable resources, and your excellent expertise"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the self care forum. It was very inspirational to get you moving in the right direction. Thank you, Zenobia"

"Awesome Time"

"Great Training"

"Thank you, Great Training"

"Thank you very much for the session"

January 2020 - Boys & Girls Clubs of America - National Staff Summit

Panelist Speaker: Dr. Zenobia Bass

Topic: My Selfcare - Wellness Journey 

Nearly 500 national staff 


Thank you for sharing your selfcare journey.

I loved when you shared that you laugh often and cry when you need to, that freed me because I saw crying as a weakness.

Fantastic job!

You are so relatable.

You have a stage presence that captures the audience's attention.

Thank you for your openness.

You provided applicable information that can be implemented immediately.

Thank you, I'm inspired to take the necessary steps to take care of me.

2017 It's Time to S.O.A.R Conference


2017 It's Time to SOAR Conference rated as EXCELLENT!

100% of attendees are Extremely likely to recommend SOAR Conference to a friend or colleague!

100% of attendees agree that Dr. Bass is Extremely Knowledgeable.

"You don't know what Self Help is until you have been to SOAR!"...DB

"The information was very insightful. I felt the conference energized and encouraged me to make significant changes in my life. I learned information that I will share with others." ...SPD

"I liked most about SOAR was the various subject matters."...Renee' Flagg, ED, True Identity

"I liked most about SOAR was the topic on Selfcare."...Patricia Coffee, Travel Agent

"I love the knowledge and openness of each speaker. I liked most Dr. Bass's energy throughout the entire conference and interaction with the attendees. It was a powerful and motivating. I would like to see more frequent conferences, including the yearly conference." DMJ

Toastmasters District 44 Emerge 2017 Spring Conference


Dr. Zenobia Bass presents a very interactive and personable workshop. I intend to apply the S.O.A.R. principles in my life immediately. 

Dr. Bass is a skilled presenter and her style of motivation encourages audience participation. I personally plan to journal everyday to stay on track with the S.O.A.R. principles I have learned.

What I liked most about the workshop presentation is Dr. Bass's positive attitude.

I applied to Ministerial School and Dr. Bass's S.O.A.R. presentation aligns with the overarching language. Well Done Dr. Zenobia Bass!

I love the S.O.A.R. topic. Dr. Bass has a funny, yet meaningful way of presenting information. This is the second time this week I have heard about "Self-care".

Dr. Bass presents an interactive workshop and I like the pledge form provided to help me follow through with what I learned.

Dr. Zenobia Bass exudes charisma and passion for the S.O.A.R. presentation topic.

Dr. Bass's workshop provided great takeaways and a booklet to follow the presentation key points.

The pace of the workshop presented by Dr. Bass was good and the information was easy to follow. A plus was the colorful tools and packet made it all the more fun.

What I liked the most and thoroughly enjoyed was how Dr. Zenobia Bass made everyone see themselves in reality; very impressive.

It's Time to S.O.A.R. 2016 Event 


Attending the conference was a winner for me; the best way to start and end my day. I came to the conference unsure as to what major benefits I would receive. Well, Dr. Bass cleared that up quickly. The conference was not boring or filled with the top 5 list etc. It was informative, filled with vision and a spirit of kindness and peace was in the room. She was personal, free, encouraging and uplifting as well as relate-able. I am thankful for the opportunity to attend and thank God for working through her so that he could continue to work through me.

-Valencia Giles, Owner, Lawrenceville-Suwanee School of Music

 I recently had the pleasure of attending Dr. Zenobia's 2016 Empowerment Conference. This event was filled with many activities from meditating, making vision boards, having motivating group discussions, and so much more. I enjoyed the opportunity to join especially because these are things that we don't do on a regular basis. The way Dr. Zenobia inspires you about your future endeavors and dreams are refreshing. She definitely gives you a new outlook on life and to appreciate the little things. Thank you for encouraging words and you'll be seeing me at your next seminar! 

-Emily R.

I had the best time attending the Empowerment Confrence!! My vision board allows me to focus on my goals and watch them manifest both consciously and subconsciously. I am forever ever grateful for the knowledge given to me on this day. 

- Candice W.

It has been a great experience attending the 2016 Empowerment "S O A R" Conference. The Conference was well organized, insightful, and extremely successful. I truly enjoyed the process of putting together my own vision board. My vision board has enlightened my ambitions and goals for the future. It has also led to new areas of opportunities. I now have a strong desire to explore my GOD given strengths and abilities. Thank you Dr. Zenobia Bass for your Love, Motivation, and Wisdom. 

- Sonia

I had the honor of attending the "It's Time To Soar" 2016 Seminar that my sister Dr. Zenobia Bass had and it was extremely motivating, inspiring, educational and testimonial. My eldest sister opened my eyes to the things I was leaving out in my life, especially and mostly, me. I am truly grateful for the invitation and I am looking forward to completing my vision board, focusing on my life achievements and the next seminar. Thank you my beautiful sister, you are one of a kind and I love you dearly!!!


I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Dr. Bass' "It's Time to Soar" 2016 Empowerment Seminar. It was engaging, enlightening, empowering and extremely helpful! Her self-reflective techniques provided the tools necessary to go out with the confidence needed to accomplish your life-long goals! I can't wait until her next seminar!

-Renee Flagg, Executive Director, True Identity House of Refuge

I met Dr. Bass some years ago. And from that day on my life has changed. She is such beautiful loving person who I respect and look up to. Such a positive role model. I'm so excited for the next event.


Pamper Me Saturday 2016 Event


"I recently attended Dr. Bass's Pamper Me Saturday event and it was excellent! A very refreshing experience with a wonderful group of women. Kudos Dr. Bass. I witnessed the impact you had on all the women involved. I look forward to future events. " 

- Christi

"I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Dr. Z's "Pamper Me Saturday" on 6/11/16 and had an awesome time. I learned that I didn't even know myself because I never take time for ''me" even after being retired for nearly 2yrs. I learned that it's okay to say "NO" with love. I now know and understand the importance of balancing life to have peace within myself. Thank you Dr Z for such powerful and rejuvenating experience. I look forward to future events also. God bless you.

- Vivian

"I recently worked with Dr. Bass to present a workshop at her Pamper Me Saturday event for women. It was superbly done from beginning to end. Her thoughtful planning and insightful guidance was inspiring for every participant. I look forward to working with her on more uplifting and encouraging events."

- Althea Lawton-Thompson, AYM Fitness

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